WSP: Rain & Reminiscing

I love rainy days… I love rainy weekends even more! (well that is, unless the rain interferes with my plans of sitting at the pool)  This weekend was full of rain and clouds, but it gave me the excuse to lay low and catch up on projects around the house.  There are finally picture frames hung and I’m almost completely out of boxes (only one year after the move)… Here are a few of my weekend activities –

Beach balls and blueberries… Schmidt…Bittersweet… cleaning out old pictures (yikes! I had red hair)…impromptu conversations that make you think…pink heels and yoga pants… Piccadilly planning (lots of fun things in store!)…grocery shopping…  Meeting new people… Saturday morning pancakes…hanging around in my ‘hood…conquering waist high grass in the front yard… yup, I’m embarrassed to say that was our front yard (if you can call a 4′ x 4’ space a yard).

Hope your weekend was just as cozy!

Love always,


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