FF: Enamel

This time last week I was staring at aqua blue water and digging my toes into the sand.  I’m now back to reality and in an effort to hold onto the Miami sizzle for as long as possible, I’m sharing one of the fun trends I saw frequently during my time there (and here too actually!)… ENAMEL… especially enamel accessories.

Photo via

There are few things that I love more than aqua blue water and these instantly transport me back to the beach.

Photo via

How delightful are these bracelets.  Such fun patterns and colors.  I love the look of stackable bracelets.  So trendy!Photo via

Here’s another classy way to insert a little enamel in  your wardrobe.
Photo via

I love all things nautical.  I think it’s probably because sailing was such a wonderful part of my growing up experience.

Photo via

Photo via

Stackable rings + chevron = swoon

Photo via

Statement necklace for sure!

Photo via

Here’s a preppy twist on enamel from my new favorite online store Glitzy Things

Photo via

and these bad boys are on their way to me as we speak!

Have a great weekend!


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