I’ve long had a love affairs with Yoga pants and I recently decided that it was about time that I actually tried out Yoga.  I know what you’re thinking….

No I didn’t expect to master it on my first try… I was hopeful to find something new that I’d enjoy…

I will admit that I did think I’d be doing something like this after a time or two… I mean seriously… I’ve heard that’s the best way to paint your own toe nails after all…

Photo  via

I’d like to talk with whoever’s in charge of this whole yoga marketing  hullaballoo… I mean really, I was disappointed to find that purchasing a yoga mat didn’t come with its own beach front real estate… you’d never know that from the pictures.

Anyways, I digress…. back to my first ever* yoga experience I showed up late for the class, stumbled over several downward dogs to fill in the only spot left… at the front of the room… of course! I solidified my newbie status by slip sliding around on the mat in my socks until the instructor told me to remove them… I was kinda bummed because I was wearing my new neon socks… new socks make me happy…

Back to class… I stumbled through an hour of a variety of positions that one can only surmise were named by a preschooler who overdosed on  juice boxes… I mean really… who comes up with these names?!?!?! I wish they’d let me have a go at it… I could have come up with several more colorful options.

All in all though I really enjoyed the class.  While I did notice that there was a steep learning curve, even beyond my sock wearing nightmare,  I am relieved to say that I was not the one who knocked over all the weight lifting equipment in the middle of the classical music interlude… thankfully someone else had that honor.

 Photo via

I do believe I will be going back.  Anything that will allow me to listen to soothing music and curl up in the fetal position during the work day is a-ok with me.  Even if I did resemble the photo above.

It may even become a new favorite pass time.  Although probably not as much as googling “funny yoga pictures”.  That will keep you entertained for hours.  Let me tell you.  I came across this little gem today.  I can’t imagine saying that to anyone though… yuck!

Now that’s love!

Have you ever tried yoga?  Can you think of some better names for the yoga poses?

Love Always,

* I lied. I experimented this one time in college… but literally fell asleep at the back of the class. I blame the teacher… no one should tell me to go to my happy place at 8am.


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