Strawberry Picking

Is there anything more summery sweet that strawberry picking?  I think not.  I went with my family over the weekend and it was wonderful.  It helped me slow down and appreciate some of the smaller things in life… like little red berries that taste like a party in your mouth and little people who make everything more fun. I mean seriously.  It was even more wonderful knowing that my mom was about to take them all home and turn them into something just short of heaven…. strawberry shortcake.  No thanks to me of course because in my zeal to help her cook it, I accidentally turned the oven off…twice.   This is why they don’t let me in the kitchen.

Do you have a favorite strawberry recipe?  Care to share?

Love Always,

p.s.  Can you think of a fate worse than being asked to leave the strawberry field… I shudder at the thought!


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