Let’s be friends

Hi! Let’s be friends again… m’kay?

I know I promised to be there for you…. and then I wasn’t.  I know that makes me a bad friend. I’m sorry.

It’s been one heck of a roller coaster ride.  Just let me tell you that!  Lots of last-minute travels, ups and downs, and my favorite, CHANGE.

via Pinterest

Let’s be honest… sometimes I think change should be a four letter word… but then it would be Chan… and people might start wondering why I resent Jackie Chan so much ( I mean I do because his moves are so awesome… but that’s another story)… so scratch that… Change it is.

I don’t always embrace it, but it’s necessary.  Life can’t stay the same.  It becomes stagnant.  Starts to smell… and nobody wants that.

As you can see (unless you stalk in the google reader…that’s my regular MO after all) I’ve started to make some changes around the site.  I like to play around and for right now, this seems to suit my fancy.

I’m also looking to make some changes with the content.  There’s some reoccurring topics I’d like to start writing about. (more on that later)  It’s really been a process of focusing… something I’ve been working on in my life across the board.

Actually… it’s really just been a process.

YEAH! Let’s hear it for process! So fun! :-p

I’ve realized that if I wait until I have things figured out or “completed” I’ll never write.  So for now, my goal is to welcome you into the process.  No more trying to figure it all out before I post… simply going to invite you in on the journey.

So buckle up.   It’s bound to be a wild ride.


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