What I learned in 2011 (or “What?!?!” You didn’t already know that??)

I learned that I like stripes.  I like them a lot. Just ask my closet.

I learned that it’s ok to ask for other people’s opinions. You don’t have to take them, but you might just get a better idea than what you originally had.  That’s one of the wonderful advantages of having friends.

I learned that just because you don’t face something doesn’t mean it has magically disappeared.

I learned that often times when you face something, it’s not as big as you originally thought.

I learned that courage is sometimes just the small decision to try again.

I learned that confidence is important.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have your doubts, it just means you don’t give them the final say.

I learned that ROKU rocks your socks off… literally.

I learned that a handsome con man can be rehabilitated to help the FBI solve a number of “White Collar” crimes and if they film said con man… I will be stuck to the TV watching his every move…

I learned that in Hawaii they don’t say fifty, they say Five – Oh … and I will watch that too.

I learned that if you spray paint yourself orange and stumble around the streets of Italy, I’ll probably watch that too.

I learned I watch too much TV.

I learned that I think it’s funny when people say something is “cray cray” but I would never say that myself

I learned from Justin Beiber to “Never Say Never

I learned that when I make lists, they go downhill very fast.

I learned a lot of others things that I can’t think of right now.

The End.


p.s. What I’ve learned so far in 2012… when you  google “2011 NYE Glasses” you inexplicably get a lot of Bill Nye the Science Guy hits… strange.

p.p.s. I learned that NYE (New Year’s Eve) is also his last name… AH! Now I get it.


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