The Sun is Out

When I woke this morning the sky was overcast. The gray clouds loomed and dumped an icy rain….. I was not thrilled. Nothing like rain on your first day back to work after vacation.

I dutifully pulled out my rainboots (thanks Mom!) and found my umbrella at the bottom of the closet…all the while muttering under my breath about people living in California and life not being fair…

When the skies turn gray, it’s easy to feel like weight of the world is on your shoulders…. The to do list looms and hope of a brighter day soon gets lost as you slosh through the puddles of disappointment. Why today? Why me?

The office greeted me with its usual piles of paperwork, the regular chatter and bustle. I sat down at my desk, bent my head and succumbed to the pull of the cubicle….Its pull is strong.

Hours passed and time changed. My mood did not. Still weighed down by the clouds I thought loomed.   I finally pulled myself away from my desk for a moment and happened to walk past the window.

Much to my surprise the sky formerly cluttered by clouds was bursting with sunlight.  The sky was a bright blue and I could feel the warmth of the sun even through the glass window pane.  Could this possibly be the same day?  How could just a few short hours bring such a radical change in the atmosphere?  Where had the storm clouds, which had previously promised to take up permanent residence, gone?

Isn’t it like that sometimes in life?  We can so easily become weighed down by the clouds of our circumstances… losing sight of hope.  Whatever you are going through can seem never-ending and every report tells you that it’s never going to change.  The clouds have come to stay.

As I saw the sunshine stream through the window this afternoon, the thought occurred to me…. this is what Jesus does for us.

All we may see are clouds… lots of them.   We don’t see what’s happening behind the scenes.  We bury our heads in the day-to-day business of life… rarely taking a break to lift our heads from our “desks”.

I’m writing this to encourage you… take a break…. look out the window.  Jesus is working behind the scenes on your behalf.  His promises hold true even in the midst of trying situations.   The darkness may last for a season.  The storm may come, but it will not stay.  You are not alone.  The sunshine will come.  What a glorious day that will be.


4 thoughts on “The Sun is Out

  1. such a true nugget of truth! Reminds me of what my Grandad always says “this too shall pass”, I don’t know if it is scripture or not, but it’s always a good reminder. lots of love, girl!

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