I’ve long had the dream of starting my own business.  Something that would allow me to combine my love of “making things pretty” and helping people.  Several years ago, I discovered how much I enjoyed helping people get married.  From researching proper etiquette to setting themes to selecting the perfect shade of blush, the details of weddings excite me.  I love seeing families come together.  I love sharing in the joy of the day.  I love that I can help people start new chapters in their lives.  This year, inspired by that love, I took the leap and officially started my own business, Piccadilly Event Planning.

Piccadilly Event Planning, or PEP as I often call it, is a small boutique firm, based in Washington, D.C. specializing in wedding planning and coordination.  It’s founded on the belief that weddings are so much more than a party. They are the celebration of lives being joined. The beauty of commitment. A place for families to truly reflect on what matters most.  I LOVE that I get to be a part of those moments.

So why the name Piccadilly?  Well, Piccadilly has long been a word that evokes everything good about my childhood.  You see, my Grandmother, an entrepreneur herself, started her own store called Picadilly when I was young. As a child, I used to spend endless hours there, sifting through antique handkerchiefs, reading old comic books, and searching for hidden treasures.   It was in her store that I first discovered my obsession with accessories and all things vintage. (and tried on my first wedding dress)

It was also there where my Grandma and I talked most and where I watched how she cared for people. It’s my hope that my business will be not only the continuation of my Grandmother’s legacy, but also the embodiment of the fun, whimsy and love for people that I discovered in her shop.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Piccadilly Event Planning, you can visit us on Facebook (Piccadilly Event Planning) here ,Twitter (PiccadillyDC) here  or Pinterest here.  Our website will be launching soon, so stay tuned!

p.s. Checking one more thing off my Thirty before 30 list. YES! fist pump!


12 thoughts on “Piccadilly

  1. so excited for you Han.. You’ve done a great job at every wedding you helped plan =D

    PS: your baby pics are just too cute.. no wonder your parents have them all over your house!!

  2. You really are quite a stunner, Hannah:) I KNOW that all that you are is going to come through each and every event and that they, in turn, will speak for themselves!

    Love you, Treyci

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