Don’t you hate it when someone starts  a post with apologizing for being gone forever and then you realize their last 4 posts said the exact same thing?  Yeah, me too…. that’s why I will be forging ahead, blatantly ignoring my extended absence… let’s keep a little mystery in our relationship after all. 

Don’t you just LOVE going to the beach!  I know I do.  There’s nothing like a day at the beach, especially with kids.  They help you see everything in a new light!

Yes, perhaps they quadruple the amount of things you need to bring with you to the beach.  Yes, perhaps it requires full time supervision to ensure they don’t eat all the sand (hey! it’s called a sandwich after all)

Just seeing the excitement in their eyes and their squeals of delight make it all worth it!

Besides you never know when a spontaneous dance party will break out…

Ahh yes, I love a day at the beach!

Have you had any quality beach time this year?  What’s your favorite activity to do with kids in the Summer?


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