Meet Fred

Meet Fred. Fred is my high horse.  Pardon Fred for his excessive drool.  He can’t help it.

I’m saddling up ol’ Fred today to share some information.  Just a bit of a pet peeve actually.  Fred is here today to help us discern the difference between two commonly used English words.

Loose vs. Lose

Just one small letter off, but with it you can change the entire meaning! Here’s how Webster’s defines them.

Loose: not rigidly fastened or securely attached

Lose: to undergo defeat

Now both of these words have a myriad of other definitions… however, none of those other meanings intersect with each other.  That is to say, Lose and Loose are NOT interchangeable.

Fred would like to use these words in a sentence (or two or three).

  • The farmer opened the gate and let the wild horse loose into the wide open field. (Fred is jealous)
  • The mighty horse was fast. He broke records. He could never lose the race. (Fred is his name)

See that there… isn’t it fun to use the proper words?

With that I will leave you. My saddle is starting to rub me the wrong way and I need to set Fred loose in his pasture so that he doesn’t lose all the best grass.*

* see what I did there. clever


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