Fish Tales

Meet Frank.

Frank is my new friend.  See Frank swim.  Isn’t he pretty.  Sorry Frank I meant handsome.

I met Frank this weekend when my friend asked me/my responsible roommate to watch him.  For the record, I think fish are the only animals I should be allowed to watch.  It’s hard to mess it up.  Not impossible.  Just hard.

Frank and I had a blast together.  We laughed.  We swam in circles (well he did).  We simultaneously gagged when we had to change his water (well I did).  We pondered the deep things in life.  We made fish faces.  It really was wonderful.

He left on Monday.  It was sad.  Especially when I found out his name was Max…

Too think all that time we spent together and he never once corrected me.  So embarrassing.


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