We’re adrift on a sailboat

This arrived in the mail today….

I’d like to jump in or perhaps just nestle into those pillows with a good book.  Feel the breeze on my face.  Drag my hand through the water… go sailing!

When I came up with my 30 before Thirty list the one item that seemed like a long shot was the one about sailing… (well actually a lot of them do… I don’t know how to dream small)..   I love to sail, but unfortunately my daily life doesn’t provide for that often.   I grew up sailing.  It’s something special I share with my Daddy.  He’s a sailor.  He makes it look easy.  I do not.  Last time I went I threw up over the side… and I did not make it look easy.

I still however love sailing.  I love the idea of being directed by the wind.  No hurried agenda.  It’s wonderful.

Wouldn’t you know that DC Groupon recently had a special deal for DC Sail!  So it’s not exactly tropical blue water that we’ll be sailing on, but it’s still sailing and I can’t wait!

Who knew sailing would be one of the first things I checked off my 30 before Thirty list.  Stay tuned for full details of our sailing fun.

Have you been sailing?  What’s your favorite part?

p.s. I LOVE the song “Sailboats” by Brooke Fraser.  Listen here.


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