Hello Cupcake

It’s nearly impossible for me to say that without putting on my fake british accent… seriously… try saying without dropping the “h”… it’s hard….  Usually, my fake accent accompanies an alter ego named Petunia… but I think we’ll have to save the introductions for another time.

I have somehow inadverantly begun a tour of the various cupcakeries (if that’s not a word then it should be) in the DC area.   Recently I visited “Hello Cupcake”… darn it…. there goes the accent.

It was absolutely the cutest shop.  They had pink flowers painted on the wall.

And get this…. a PINK chandelier… I don’t even have to tell you… I felt immediately at home.On top of that their cupcakes were drool worthy… I won’t tell you how many made it home with me…. It was more than one.  I don’t know why I felt the need to tell everyone within ear shot that I wasn’t going to eat them all myself and for the record… I did share.

They had a glorious pink creation called the Prima Donna that made it home with me.  It was delicious and beautiful.

From start to finish my visit was very pleasant.  The staff was friendly and extremely non-judgemental… something I value from people who sell cupcakes.  Do you have a favorite cupcakery?

Happy Cupcaking!


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