LA Part Cuatro: God Chicks

Sorry if you’re tired of hearing about LA, but unfortunately, I’m not tired about talking about it yet.  It was my first grown up vacation and probably my only big trip this year…. so you’re stuck with me for a while.

One of the main reasons that we traveled to LA was for the GodChicks conference put on by Oasis church in LA.  They hold the conference for women annually and each year gets better and better.  I mean seriously it’s so much fun!  If you’re in the area (or even if you’re not) you should try to make it next year.  It’s like a party with 2000 of your closest girlfriends.  Every aspect of the conference is designed with you in mind.  Each detail crafted to communicate value to the women who attend.  Each volunteer prepped to communicate love and grace.  Each message fine tuned to speak truth.

Here’s the recap video for the three days of conference : ( I can’t figure out how to embed vimeo into wordpress… help?!?)

Holly Wagner pastors Oasis Church with her husband Philip and you can tell from the instant you meet her what a heart she has to see women rise up and fulfill their purpose.  She’s experienced quite a few rise up moments herself as a breast cancer survivor.  She’s got an incredible story and you can hear more about her  here and here.

She’s written a great book called Warrior Chicks.  It’s hot pink.  For that reason alone you should buy it.  On top of that it has awesome truths about living life.  I loved reading it.   She and her husband just recently co-wrote a book called ” God Chicks and the Men They Love”… Haven’t read it yet but I love the cover pic

The conference was filled to bursting with creativity.  I wish I could convey the amazing music, dance and beauty that was interwoven into each moment.  I was totally overwhelmed by it all.  They had other speakers who were incredibly impactful and I know I’ll be going over their messages in the coming weeks, months and beyond.  Priscilla Shirer spoke and I’m not kidding… she’s AWESOME…. like seriously…. AWESOME.  I don’t know how else to describe her.  She has three young boys and that alone gives her street cred in my book.   Marilyn Skinner from Watoto Child Care in Kampala, Uganda also spoke. Uh-mazing!  Talk about a woman who has chosen to rise up in her life.  You know what I loved though.  She was normal.  Just a regular woman like you and I…. she has just made some incredible decisions in her life… which are in turn affecting a nation and their next generation of leaders… So inspiring.

I was so excited to be given the opportunity to sponsor a Ugandan woman through their Living Hope program.  It’s such a blessing to be able to come along side a woman on the other side of the world and bring hope.  I know she will in turn bring hope to her community.  To learn more about sponsorship you can read here.

On the last night of the conference we were surprised with fireworks.  It was like a brilliant display of the love of God.  Extravagant in its beauty.

I walked away from the conference knowing that I am a woman of value and that I am called to speak value into those around me.  That I’m at my post for a reason and that nothing can separate me from the love of God.

“His love was not cautious but extravagant…. love like that!” – Eph. 5:1 (msg)


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