2010 TIP Report

Yesterday State Department released it’s 10th annual TIP Report…. no it’s not a report of who the big tippers are in the government… not a report on “Theory into Practice” ( a site which popped up when I googled TIP and simultaneously made my brain explode) not even a report out on the state of Tipper Gore since announcing her split from Al. Nope, that’s a post for another time.

Yesterday was a momentous occasion because the State Department released it’s annual Trafficking in Persons Report.  It’s a nearly 400 page document that details the state of various nations (the US is included for the first time this year) in their fight to end human trafficking.

What’s human trafficking you ask?  It’s modern day slavery and as Secretary of State Clinton so eloquently put it “human trafficking is not someone else’s problem. Involuntary servitude is not something we can ignore or hope doesn’t exist in our own community.”

It’s not something that just happens overseas.  Far away in SouthEast Asia or in a darkened Eastern European ally way.  It happens in our communities.  Under our noses. Every day.

I went to the gym on Saturday morning.  The top news headline for the day.  A local man had been caught selling a teenager for sex in a local hotel.  By local I mean just down the road.

Check out the video of the remarks made during yesterday’s meeting by going to the following link : http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1705667530?bctid=95673092001.

You can also read the full text here and the full TIP report here.

Not knowing doesn’t make this problem go away.  Knowing makes this problem go away.

None of us can stop modern day slavery on our own.  Together we can join the voices of myriads of others.

I think it simply boils down to being faithful with what we have in our hands.  Whether it be reading about the topic and looking for signs.  Fundraising for an organization that is hands on snatching people out of situations of total captivity.  Praying. Talking to those in your circle of friends.

We all can do something.

“…Behind these statistics on the pages are the struggles of real human beings, the tears of families who may never see their children again, the despair and indignity of those suffering under the worst forms of exploitation. And through this report we bear witness to their experience and commit ourselves to abolishing this horrible crime.” – Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton

Want to find out more about TIP?

Check out these websites:  www.thea21campaign.org and www.polarisproject.org


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