bits of my weekend – volume two

Bits of my weekend is a weekly post inspired by the fabulous Michelle of Six in the City.  She started this awhile back and I’ve decided to join in the fun.

Yet another wonderful weekend!  My only complaint is that they go sooooooo fast.

I spent some time with my wonderful friend, Jessica or as I like to call her JSS’QUA

Check her out rocking her cute bag from H&M.  I swear she can make anything fabulous!

Caught up on some classic tv.

Bonus points if you can guess which show this is…

Celebrated the 60th birthday of my wonderful Pastor.  He just gets cooler each year.

I like to think that I can cook… but then it turns out like this… now don’t get me wrong…those sweet potatoes are amazing… but I don’t think I’ll be featured on Pioneer Woman anytime soon.

And for those of you still guessing… that’s right… the show that took up far too much of my time this weekend was none other than

drum roll please…

I think the fashion alone made this a worthwhile investment of time… don’t be surprised if I start rocking the poof again.

There you have it, my completely random weekend.  What’d you do this weekend?


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