I love it when celebrities aren’t just pretty but actually do something meaningful…. sorry that sounded really snobby… not how I meant it to come off… but I can only re-read a sentence so many times…

Forgive me?  yes? umm… ok

anyways, back to the issue at hand….

Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have it going on… Awesome Hollywood power couple using their powers for good.  They’ve started the DNA Foundation which aims to eliminate child sex slavery worldwide.  A noble dream and a horrific problem.  It’s an issue close to my heart and I love to see people join the fight.  It is overwhelming when you look at the statistics.  The UN says that over 12 million people worldwide are trafficked for forced labor and sexual exploitation.  Some statistics place the number much, much higher.

Like I said, it’s a big problem and not knowing about it doesn’t make it go away.

That’d being said, we each have something in our hands to do about it… it’s different for each of us.

For example,  Ashton made a statement at his recent movie premiere.

I love it!

P.S.  I just saw his new movie “Killers”.  Super cute and entertaining! Go see it!


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