I asked God Who I’m supposed to be….

I love having friends that make you think…

I had a conversation with a friend last night and it made me do just that.  I realized that because of my planner personality I have unconsciously held high expectations for acheivement in my life.  Often times those goals came with specific timelines, erroneous as they might be.   I’ve realized that on a daily basis I can be letting myself down because long ago I decided on a list of things I’d be or have done by the time I reached a certain age.  In my childhood innocence, I would gaze at the sky and make high and lofty plans for my life.  I think I’ve recently woken up to the fact that life isn’t what I imagined.  Somewhere along the line I’ve grown up.  I’ve learned to dream in “safe” ways and in so doing allowed myself to lose sight of hope.

That’s just it though.  All is not lost.  There is someone who is HOPE personified.  Matt. 12:21 says that “the mere sound of his name will signal hope”  He knows the plans that He has for me.   These plans are for hope.  For a future far above and beyond what I ever could have imagined in all my childhood innocence.  The timeline might be different than I dreamed, but I know I can trust Him.  He’s faithful.

Dreams change.  They morph and they grow.

God is never changing.

He brings HOPE.


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